The U.S. Navy - Reducing Shipboard Planned Maintenance

The cost of maintaining Navy ships is measured in billions of dollars and millions of man-hours. Requiring sailors to perform excessive, unnecessary, and often counter-productive maintenance does more than waste money. It also wastes that most precious of commodities — sailors' time.


Jane's Fighting Ships 1977-78 Revised Edition

The 1977-78 edition of Jane's Fighting Ships maintains the format initiated in the previous edition. In addition, a new section of ship silhouettes and a worldwide pennant list of major surface ships have been added to assist recognition. With complete revision of all data and well over 1,

Edo Western Corp. New Deep Tow Survey System

The new Edo Western 515A- 604 Deep Tow Survey System uses a new hydrodynamically designed tow vehicle to provide efficient operation for deepwater side scan surveys in ocean depths up to 2,000 feet. The highly successful 515A- 604 tow vehicle

Sperry Division Names Blumberg Marketing Communications Manager

The Sperry Division of Sperry Rand Corporation has named George P. Blumberg to the new position of marketing communications manager. He will be responsible for developing marketing materials for Sperry Division products, services, and capabilities,

Perry Oceanographies Designs And Builds New Undersea Work System

Perry Oceanographies, Inc., P.O. Box 10297, Riviera Beach, Fla. 33404, under contract to Seaforth Maritime Limited, Aberdeen, Scotland, has started the design and construction of a new concept in undersea observation, maintenance, and repair vehicle.

New York Shipyard Receives Second Navy Drydocking Contract

The USS Nitro (AE-23) recently entered the facility of New York Shipyard Corporation, Brooklyn, N.Y., for an overhaul. The ammunition ship had served in the Persian Gulf Desert Storm Operation and delivered ammunition to the battleship USS Wisconsin

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